Spaces in 10.5.3

You must be aware that Leopard's latest update, 10.5.3, has been released a few days ago. There are many comments and analysis on the web among which you can find how the bug fixes amount to new features implementation... One of the apps that greatly benefited from such bugfixes is Spaces.

In terms of productivity, Space was one of the features from which power users expected a lot. But it was not fully useable until the 10.5.3 release as John Gruber of DaringFireball writes. 3.0 Beta available !

It is official, 3.0 Beta version is available for download.

The feature list is here and you'll be glad to know that support for Microsoft 2007 file format (OOXML) is now a reality !

Also, for Mac is now an Aqua application that does not require the X11 windowing environment. Those of you who don't know what that means are blessed !

The stable version is planned for release in September. Although the free office suite is still not considered stable, it is stable enough for most of your non-mission critical work. I've been using test versions of 3.0 for a while now and I have been very pleased with it. I've noticed that it is significantly faster than NeoOffice at launch too.

Feel free to download it from here.

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