Virtaal running on Mac ! Part II

After the previous post, it appeared that Virtaal has problems with my configuration. Some testing and a few mails later here is a new announcement from the Virtaal team:

From: Dwayne Bailey
Date: 19 mai 2011 08:40:17 UTC+09:00
Subject: [Translate-devel] Mac builds for Virtaal 0.7.0 rc1

You can get Mac OS X builds for Virtaal 0.7.0 rc1 here:

Fixes since the beta 5 for Mac:
* The build uses its own Python (should solve your problem JC)
* Spell checking works - like Windows builds we download the spell checkers
* TM server is now running

* We get a solid hang with some keyboard shortcuts e.g. Ctrl-W to close
the translation file.  Navigation seems to work
* The installer is massive 43M, we'll put it on diet when we've got
stable builds
* The keyboard shortcuts are still mapped to Linux/Windows and haven't
been remapped to Mac
* Doesn't seem to work at all on 10.5 (Leopard) - well it does start but
you can't open anything
* Pango is still messing up Arabic

Basically Virtaal launches properly now. Welcome to the world of Mac Virtaal !

(Update: rc1-1 still had problems but rc1-2 worked fine. Check the snapshots located here to get the latest file:

Virtaal running on Mac !

From Dwayne Bailey, on the Translate Toolkit development list:

Hi Virtaalers,

I've just got Virtaal running on a Mac, in a bundle and in a disk image.

It needs a testers love so please head over here and get your disk image

I'd love to hear your feedback

To install:
1) Download
2) Click on the disk image
3) Either drag Virtaal to your applications folder or run it directly
from the folder

1) Try to translate things, looking around is great but real work brings
out the bugs
2) Report any bugs at

What works:
* The file menu is integrated like a Mac app
* Translating works
* TM and MT

What doesn't work... yet:
* Spell checking - we'll probably need to use the approach we're doing
in Windows to download
* The menu appears in the application window
* No fancy installer
* Keybindings are not Cmd+ but still Ctrl+ - some don't work like
pasting placeables.

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