OmegaT small (?) update

OmegaT 2.0.3 update 2 has been released.

From the release file:

OmegaT beta version 2.0.3 update 2 has been released. For the first time, OmegaT is available as a Java Web Start application (

Launching OmegaT from requires no installation, and future updates of this version will happen automatically.

Two bugs have been corrected. One concerns segment detection in the Editor, and the other StarDict dictionaries.

Belarusian, Dutch and Catalan localisations have been updated.The OmegaT Project always welcomes developers, localizers and users to contribute their experience, knowledge and insights to the software we release.

Regarding Webstart and privacy (quoting Tony):

OmegaT Java Webstart does NOT save any of your information to our web servers. The application runs on YOUR machine. Your documents and translation memories remain on your computer, and the OmegaT project will have no access to your work or information.

(end quote)

The fact that OmegaT is now available directly from the network without any specific install procedure does not mean that OmegaT better supports network interaction between translators (data sharing etc). It only means that it is easier to distribute/use/update.

There are still issues to iron out though: how to use the Lucene tokenizer with that WebStart version... We're investigating this right now... :)