Virtaal running on Mac ! Part II

After the previous post, it appeared that Virtaal has problems with my configuration. Some testing and a few mails later here is a new announcement from the Virtaal team:

From: Dwayne Bailey
Date: 19 mai 2011 08:40:17 UTC+09:00
Subject: [Translate-devel] Mac builds for Virtaal 0.7.0 rc1

You can get Mac OS X builds for Virtaal 0.7.0 rc1 here:

Fixes since the beta 5 for Mac:
* The build uses its own Python (should solve your problem JC)
* Spell checking works - like Windows builds we download the spell checkers
* TM server is now running

* We get a solid hang with some keyboard shortcuts e.g. Ctrl-W to close
the translation file.  Navigation seems to work
* The installer is massive 43M, we'll put it on diet when we've got
stable builds
* The keyboard shortcuts are still mapped to Linux/Windows and haven't
been remapped to Mac
* Doesn't seem to work at all on 10.5 (Leopard) - well it does start but
you can't open anything
* Pango is still messing up Arabic

Basically Virtaal launches properly now. Welcome to the world of Mac Virtaal !

(Update: rc1-1 still had problems but rc1-2 worked fine. Check the snapshots located here to get the latest file: