28 November 2007

OmegaT 1.7.3 (with Mac bundle) released !

First of all I'd like to thank all the people who have tested my Mac bundles for OmegaT.

I used your comment to create the official version that is released today.

As you probably know, the OmegaT project puts the "test" label on versions that do not have up to date manuals but that are at least as stable as the stable version... Basically, test version have been thoroughly tested already by a number of power users and all the problems are supposed to have been ironed out.

So go ahead, it won't bite you !

The file, once unzipped, becomes OmegaT.dmg and opens with 2 files:

- documentation.html
- OmegaT.app

The documentation.html file is exclusive (now) to the Mac package, and groups all the information per available language. I put the up to date manuals in bold so that you can see them right away. This is the case for the English manual exclusively as of today.

The manual has been fully updated thanks to the work of the current documentation manager to reflect all the new features (check the changes.txt file) and extra information like bidi languages handling and command line arguments.

It's been a long time since OmegaT was released with a Mac bundle (1.4.4 was the last one if I remember well) and the current release manager and I are working on automating this process (instead of having to do everything by hand here).

People who still want the rough edges of the "pure Java" version can still use the "OmegaT_1.7.3_Without_JRE.zip file. It will behave exactly like previous OmegaT versions (as far as integration with OSX is concerned) and will allow for all sorts of command line arguments passing. The bundle is a little bit trickier to modify, you need to edit the .plist file inside the package to obtain the same results.