OmegaT development status for October

It is nice to see on OmegaT's development site that October has been quite an active month.

For those who don't know what OmegaT looks like, take a look at the screenshots, and read the online documentation.

Back to the stats.

Project rank was 137, which is the highest ever in the project's history (out of more than a 100,000 projects). The Downloads figure was 3,466, which is second best, after November 2006 (4,127), when the first build in the 1.6 series was released. Of course, the downloads figure includes the current stable and test versions as well as a few other packages.

This 3,466 figure comes right after the latest test version (OmegaT 1.7.2) was released, at the end of September.

The Mac OSX zip packages that are available for the stable version (1.6.1_04) and for the test version (1.7.2) are soon going to be replaced with a real MacOSX application bundle that will make OmegaT even easier to use on the Mac.

The development code is available through the Terminal application, or any CVS interface.

Here is a rudimentary shell script that I use to update the sources and build them (you will need the OSX developer's tools installed, available from the install DVD):

cd ~/Documents/OmegaT/application/current_cvs/
cvs -z3 co -P omegat
cd omegat
cd dist
open -e readme.txt &
open -e changes.txt &
java -jar OmegaT.jar &

I am sure there are things to improve here, but it works for me :).

The current code in CVS is labelled OmegaT 1.8 and includes the spellchecking engine etc.

The changes.txt file indicates the features that have been implemented, the bugs that have been fixed and the localizations that have been added.

Feel free to test and look for bugs !