05 August 2008

StarOffice 9 beta for Mac

It looks like Sun Microsystems is making good use of the work of all the volunteers who made OpenOffice.org run on OSX without X11 (i.e. in OSX speak: like a normal OSX application...)

The beta version is available, with the StarOffice logo instead of the OpenOffice.org one.

I have downloaded the beast but if everything is business as usual, we should not see much differences between the 2 suites, except for a few proprietary things added to the StarOffice version.

http://www.sun.com/software/staroffice/get_beta.jsp (185 mb)
What's new:

http://download.openoffice.org/3.0beta/ (157 mb)
What's new:

Also, NeoOffice is still running behind in term of code base but has recently released a patch for its 2.2.4 version: