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Hello everyone,

We are happy to announce the milestone 3 of the Okapi Framework for Java.

To try to make things easier there are now two main distributions:

=== okapi-lib (for developers):

--> This distribution includes the libraries, documentation and examples you would need to use the Okapi Framework with your programs. It also include Tikal, a command-line tool to do basic task like simple extract and merge. This distribution is not UI dependent and therefore the same for all platforms.

=== okapi-apps (for users and developers): <-- The one you are likely to want

--> This distribution is the same as okapi-lib (minus the developers documentation). And in addition, it includes the UI-dependent components of the framework, as well as Rainbow (Localization Toolbox) and Ratel (SRX Editor). Because the UI depends on each platform, there are different flavors of this distribution: Windows, Linux (32-bit and 64-bit), and Macintosh (Carbon and now Cocoa).

All this can be downloaded from Okapi's main Web site:,

as well as from the Google-Code project's site:

A large part of the work done for this milestone is not visible: We moved the build structure to Maven, so we can develop using continuous integration more efficiently. Ultimately it should make the framework more robust and better tested.

We did managed to work on a few visible changes too :) Here are some of them:

=== The first version of Tikal in Java has been implemented. This tool allows you to perform simple tasks from the command-line. For example:

C:/Tmp>tikal -x *.docx *.html -sl EN -tl FR

will extract to XLIFF all the DOCX and HTML files in the Tmp directory.

C:/Tmp>tikal -m *.xlf -sl EN -tl FR

will merge them back into their respective formats.

For more information on Tikal, see

=== Various bugs have been fixed in several filters (thanks for the bugs reports) and some improvements have been implemented in others.

=== There is a new filter for Qt TS files.

=== Cocoa support has been added for the Macintosh.

=== There is a new TM connector to query Translate Toolkit TM servers. You can try it using Tikal. For example, if you have a local server running on port 8080, the command:

C:/>tikal -q "open file" -tt localhost:8080 -sl EN -tl FR

will get the matches for "open file" in that TM.

=== As usual, a more complete list of the main changes can be seen in the changes.html document that comes with the distribution.

Bug reports and enhancement or features requests can be posted here:

-the Okapi Team

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