OmegaT Java Web Start

In previous article, I mentioned the release of OmegaT as a Java Web Start application.

Once OmegaT.jnlp is downloaded, a double-click should open it in Java Web

If that is not the case, if it opens as a text file for example, it means that .jnlp files associations to Java Web are broken.

To fix that, right-click on the .jnlp file, Choose "Open With", select "Others..." at the bottom of the list and browse your disk to find the application.

Java Web is located in /Applications/Utilities/Java/ for older versions of Java and in /System/Library/CoreServices/ for the most recent version of Java (Java update 4, released on June 15 2009).

Once you have selected the application, check the "Always open with" box at the bottom of the dialog.

Thanks to Yves who send me the comment that triggered this "investigation" and to this blog article that clarified everything.