Learn Cocoa !

For the readers who have too much free time during the holiday, what about starting to learn programming applications the easy way ?

And I do mean easy, like not a single line of code written ! Yes, creating applications for your favorite machine can be that easy.

Scott Stevenson, the writer behind has updated his "Learn Cocoa" tutorial for Leopard. The old Tiger version is still available for those of you who have not updated your OS yet.

You'll need to install the developer tools that come with your OSX DVD and for the rest, just follow the tutorial. It is not only amazingly well written, it is also beautiful.

The Tiger version has a sequel (Learn Cocoa II) that is not yet updated for Leopard, but you should be able to make sense of most of it since it is mostly an introduction to Objective-C in the context of Cocoa applications.

Comments regarding the updated contents and Scott's replies are very useful too, in case you run into problems.