02 December 2007

Maxprograms is back !

About Maxprograms

Maxprograms is manned by Rodolfo Raya, of Heartsome and XLIFF fame. Maxprograms used to provide a few free Java utilites that were later included in Heartsome's Translation suite. Rodolfo quit Hearstome a few weeks ago and decided to put all his utilities back on Maxprograms' site.

The tools

The free tools that are now distributed directly from his site are:


TMXValidator checks your documents against TMX DTD and also verifies if they follow the requiremenst described in TMX specifications.


TBXMaker converts glossaries stored in CSV (Comma Separated Values) to TBX (TermBase eXchange) format.


CSVConverter converts glossaries stored in CSV (Comma Separated Values) to TMX (Translation Memory eXchange) standard.

Java Properties Viewer

A tool specially created for viewing translated Java .properties files comprising languages not supported by the ISO 8859-1 character encoding.

MARTIF to TBX Converter

A program designed to convert glossaries in MARTIF format, also known as ISO 12200, to TBX format.


RTFCleaner removes hidden text and Trados/Wordfast markup from translated Tagged RTF files.

It is very nice to see that they are now available without having to download the full HTS package.


The utilities require Java 1.5 or better. Which means that for the time being they can be used only on OSX 10.4.8 or better. See Apple's download page if you only have Java 1.4. Java 1.5 is the default version on Leopard.

Since the utilities were included with Heartsome's Translation Suite they can be put to even better use in a workflow that involves HTS.

Free software ?

Currently, only TMXValidator has been released as a free to use source package. The license Maxprograms used is the Eclipse Plugin License v. 1.0. This makes TMXValidator free (as in free speech) software, but the EPL v. 1.0 not being compatible with the GPL it won't be possible to use the source code for inclusion in GPLed products.

All the other utilities are not (yet ?) available as free software, they are just free as in "free beer".

Anyway, thank you very much for your work Rodolfo ! And good luck to Maxprograms !